Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aamir Khan motivates fans to live healthy

 Definitely one of the many reasons why I love Aamir Khan, he manages to make you "part" of his life. Be it now sharing inside info about his films, the emotions and thoughts he goes through when a new film releases, holidays, ants terrorizing him in bed or just tennis. And now his exercise, eating and rest plan. And you are all invited to join in. He also promises to keep us up to date on Facebook.

Aamir says,

First things first. Let me share with you what I learnt in the last few years in the process of building a physique, losing weight etc.

3 things are most important, and in that order:

1. A healthy and balanced diet.

2. Exercise.

3. Rest.

Actually exercise and rest are equally important, but the most important is a healthy and balanced diet.

Aamir gives some pretty good and solid advice, for example the must visit to a dietician to have yourself thoroughly checked out and getting that specific eating plan that suit you. Aamir also gave a few pointers on exercise and getting enough rest. And we are all drawn in ... motivated.

And here's Aamir's challenge: 

Are we ready?!!!

Lets make a group who decides to live healthy. Anyone who wants to join can.

Each one of us is responsible for figuring out a diet for ourselves, a workout/sport/walking schedule, and a rest schedule.

You decide what is good for you. And stick to it. And every night on fb I post how I fared that day and in response you comment on my post. That way all the comments are tagged together to my post in one space, and so it will be easier for all of us to stay together on this one topic. If one of us is finding it tough the others can encourage.

I start Monday!

To all those who are skeptical or nervous or think they cant achieve a great healthy body, or simply think the road ahead is too daunting, I have only one thing to say, “lets chase excellence success will follow”.

Pretty awesome! I actually got up at 04:30 this morning to start walking with a friend. And though it was cold and dark, it was refreshing and an awesome time spent with a friend. We will do so again on Friday :)

So, whether you want to be a "Sanjay", "Akash" or "DJ"  c",)  go and check out Aamir's blog and Facebook page and get yourself up to speed.

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