Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Enjoying my beautiful country

Usually when we have a management meeting we leave very early in the morning, usually around five(5) and we get back at around eight(8) in the evening ... that is around eight(8) hours on the road and just about that amount of hours in the meeting. the scary part is that it all happens in 24-hours! Because of that it's not unusual that we miss the beauty around us; either we are still fast asleep, tired, irritated, not in the mood for stops (except coffee) or wasting time on the trip.

This time around we decided that we are going to sleep over and take our time reaching our destination. You see, we are fortunate to have our management meetings in the beautiful Lowveld in the Mpumalanga province. And we miss the "fortunate" part because we are always in a hurry and ... but these past two days I've realized once again that we need to stop and appreciate the little things around us; friends, companionship, a good laugh, praying together, drinking a cup of coffee, spending time with old friends, making new friends, slowing down, enjoying nature and watching a Bollywood movie in the middle of the week ^^,)

Here is just a few photographs of what I've enjoyed the past two days in Nelspruit and Kaapsehoop :

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