Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Okay guys and gals ... no research here. Just my thoughts and my own personal experience ... so, read with an open mind.

These past few weeks I’ve been involved in a few discussions about counseling … and being a trained Social Worker and Trauma Debriefer I guess I have seen and experienced most of it-more or less ...

So here is a quick comment on my personal experiences. I was a counselor for more than ten(10) years and also received my share of counseling due to compassion fatigue, trauma and burnout. So I was fortunate, or unfortunate, to experience both sides of the coin …

What I’ve seen is that counseling is mostly reactive, this means that we react on an existing problem or crisis. And the answers or solutions to these issues usually come from the counselor and not necessarily from the patient or God. And now you will say, but what about the Christian counselor? Well, even though you might depend on God for guidance you still tend to add the ideas, theories and your thoughts to the table … whatever the situation might be, we are still addressing the problems reactively; we are still doing crisis management.

I have learned that if there is a crisis there is a crack somewhere ~ in your foundation. We tend to hose the fire with water and hope it doesn’t act up again, but somehow it always does. And then we just pour some water again, we are treating or fixing the symptoms. Why not go for the whole shebang? What’s the real cause? Are you really in Christ? Do you really know God? Do you experience Him? Are you actually listening when He tells you to get your act together? Are you allowing Him to influence, infiltrate and flow through your whole being? What about sin?

Lol, and I know that I’m stepping on some toes here … But hear me out. I’m talking here from a Christian perspective.

I’ve only experienced true healing when I fully submitted to God, when I totally allowed Him to work in me, when I did what He told me to do and what He expected me to do, when I allowed Him to change my heart and renewed my mind. When I became a full and active participant of the Body of Christ, when I allowed a mentor to speak into my life and when I became accountable to another person. When I was sure of my rebirth, that I was called unto Him and that His truth must be the foundation of everything that I am – then I could say for the first time; “I am free”, “I am healed” and “I am healthy”.

Why are we always trying to take God’s work out of His hands? Can we do anything better than the Creator Himself? Hey, God designed all the sources to feed us! He gave us the truth … why not start using it …Why not start from the place where it all makes sense? Why not knock on the door of the Counselor?

And then go from there … give good COUNSEL.


Gert said...

Spoken in true understanding!! Many times the healing comes in silence in God's presence without you uttering a word. Just being in His presence will change you somehow. Some things change automatically, others needs obedience first because you are causing it....


Liesie said...


Obedience is the word Gert and I would like to add to that - submit. When I made the choice to submit under God's Will and plan for me change happened. Not always what I've liked or wanted but I've also realized that He knows best and He knows what I need and when ...

Thanks for visiting!


Bernard said...

Hi. Absolutely true.

Something that we should all hear over and over again.

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