Sunday, November 14, 2010

Goodbye my baby...

What is it with humans and animals? Especially dogs and cats. I like cats, but I'm definitely a dog person. Cannot remember a time where I was without a dog, even growing up I remember all our dogs. From the little Maltese to the beautiful Boxer. And a few will remain with me always ...

And the one that I will never forget is my dear Borrels, a mix breed between an English bulldog and something, or was it an American bulldog and something?

Got him when he was eight-months old, eleven-years ago. And the people that sold him to me said they are getting rid of him because he was chewing their shoes. Did not see that happen in my house... Can't remember that I ever struggle to house-train him. He was just one of those "without problems" dogs. The only thing he did enjoy to chew was plastic bottles. Loved them!

He was named Borrels because he was as white as snow and had this little black spots on his skin, looked like bubbles, thus the Afrikaans Borrels ;-) He had the most beautiful brown eyes, and the most beautiful personality. I loved him and he adored me!

I remember the times that I was sick or sad, he would sit at my feet and follow me in the house. Not leaving me alone until I felt better. I would know when he's sleeping, because could that dude snore! And as big as he was, he thought he was a baby. Scared to death of the weather, and fireworks... He loved to travel, when the car door opens, in jumps Borrels, especially when I visited my parents. To them he was almost like a grandchild ;-)

But all good things comes to an end. I thought he would live forever. I wanted him to live forever. But Borrels had skin cancer and he really struggled through the last winter with his coughing and sneezing. I had to make the decision to let him go. He would not be getting better... and I did not want to see him suffer.

Goodbye my baby, I will love you forever and will never forget you. You were my best friend, my baby, my companion, my protector, you made me laugh and you made me cry...

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